Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Better Late Than Never!

I spent several days with Sandy and family a few weeks ago. The girls were off school on Monday, so we made a day of it. We did a little shopping and then went to the movies to see A Dog's Purpose. We had lunch at the theater where they had those nice big recliners with individual tables. The movie was soooo good. When it was over, I told the girls that we needed to stop and get another dog for them! That says a lot coming from me! Just a great movie.
The next day, while the girls were back at school, Sandy and I went shopping to find a few things to freshen up her dining room table. She has this really cool antique punch bowl. She uses it for holidays and decorates accordingly. But for everyday, she wanted to do something new. I had the idea of using a fresh plant for some greenery rather than a floral arrangement. This way, she can easily lift out the plant when the wants to use the bowl for something food related. We bought the mosaic plate that it sits on. We used the placemat, candles and crystal candlesticks and Lenox tray that she already had. 
We bought the succulent ball from Pier 1. It has several colors to it from green to greenish blue and pinks. I liked it so much that when I got home, I bought one for myself. 
I never noticed this before. But going to "church" has new meaning at their house!
Sandy sent me this picture the following Saturday. I was tired of hearing from the girls about how I gave away their Bargain Hunter game in the 1980's. I found one at an antique shop and gave it to Sandy for Christmas. She and the girls were having a weekend while Greg was at Clemson visiting Mitchell. She said that it was as much fun as she remembered. I wish we'd have played it when I was there. I don't remember anything about the game! I'm glad they are enjoying it---and another generation is liking it too!
Shortly after I left, Titan got his first haircut. He is so darn cute---4 lbs! Still so tiny. He's such a good boy---not much barking at all. They did send me a little video of him barking at a mailman on television. It must be born in dogs to bark at mailmen! 
A couple days after the haircut, he went to the vet for some "boy maintenance!" He has to wear this cone for 10 days. They told Sandy not to let him run or jump. Uh, he's a puppy! The only way to avoid that would be to hold him 24/7. Sandy said it was so sad. With the cone, he could not get in to his crate. They ended up having to put the crate up because he was getting so frustrated.

And then there's this:
Mitchell came home for his spring break with a broken foot. He did it playing basketball a week before and didn't think it was important enough to tell his parents. BOYS!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Memos, Mail and Me

Well, I don't really have much to share this week except boxes! More deliveries have come in for the renovation.

This is my new chandelier. I'm very excited about this. The room is starting to come together now---but there's still so much to be done--tile work on tub, countertops, fixtures placed, painting, and chandelier assembled. It's supposed to be finished by the end of March, but I think it's going to be longer than that. We'll see.

Now this was the most exciting mail of all.
 This box arrived for Mindy in her maiden name. That's a little fishy.
This is the side of the box. I sent Mindy the pictures and asked if there's something we should know! Butch, who was going to the beach on Friday asked if he should postpone his leaving in case Mindy an Justin had an announcement to make at happy hour. Anyway, she assured us that she has no idea why she got this. And she has no announcement to make!  It's baby formula! I'll give it to my niece, Alison who is expecting her first in July.

That's really about it for this week. I'm sure the other Mondayers have received much more exciting stuff this week than me!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

What's Happening'?

Thinking: about how pressured I am by the library! If you want to borrow certain books, you have to get on the waiting list. I'd say my longest wait will be for Hillbilly Elegy. When I put a hold on it, I was #540 on 37 copies. I figure that will take about a year for me to get. There are others that are available right away. You can put holds on up to 15 books. If there are specific books you want to read, this is how you have to do it---put it on hold and wait your turn. Well, that's all find and dandy until 5 books come in all at once! EEEEK! This just won't do for my obsessive tendencies. I went ahead and returned one of the books that was 861 pages. I put it on my "wishlist" to remind myself to get it later. I only have 3 weeks to read these books. I just finished Under a Painted Sky which was highly rated. I didn't think it was great---just good. Now I'm feeling a little more under control. I average about a book a week. This last one I read in 3 days because I was so panicked. I don't really have time for that much reading. I don't understand the people (some blogs I follow) who can read 4-5 books a week. I'd love to see their house!

Thankful for: Butch---he's taken an interest in cooking!! I owe it all to Hello Fresh! I had a long day on Tuesday---bridge and then straight to a 3 1/2 hour hair appointment. I didn't get home until 7:30. He had dinner ready!! That was totally unexpected. Plus, he works with me while cooking now. It's really fun. He has always helped with the clean-up. The only problem---if you can call it a problem---while working with me in the kitchen, he uses up his 6 words for the day. We don't have much to talk about after that!

Cooking: I decided to make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day. I was a little nervous about that since my son-in-law, Justin is an Irishman AND a cook!! Turns out, he had  to work, so the pressure was off! Although I haven't made it in years, it's a pretty easy meal.

Wearing: Right now, I'm still in my robe. But, I've really enjoyed my new clothes from Stitch Fix.

Hoping: I can make it through the weekend with the wood we have left. I guess my daily fires are coming to an end!

Taking: time to help Steph figure out "stuff" for the new house. I've ordered some things for her that will be delivered here. What the heck, my house is a wreck anyway. I have a "vision" for her. I always say I have a vision. The hard part about that is getting other people to "see" it! For her bedroom---she has dark hardwood floors and grey walls with white woodwork (I love white woodwork). I ordered a big white fluffy rug (after all, it's the bedroom), and an old-fashioned white chenille bedspread with shams. We're going to use her current robin's egg blue pillows with it. For the windows, I'm seeing white, gauzy type. Or we might get the same white ones trimmed in robin's egg blue that we got at Pottery Barn the last time. My idea is to use many of her old things, but just freshen the look by adding some new things. As I told her, just putting them in the new house will give her a new look. I didn't tell her that sometimes that doesn't quite work out. Sometimes, your old stuff doesn't look so good in a new place!

Planning: My trip to the beach with my cousins next Saturday. I'm really looking forward to spending so much time with them. We certainly can talk away the time!

Working: Another week where I can report absolutely no progress in my attempt to get the closets cleaned out. I guess I've been too busy reading!

Reading: Just starting Magic Hour by Kristen Hannah---one of my favorite authors.

Loving: Playing bridge with Connie. I convinced her to give duplicate bridge a try. She's still feels a bit intimidated, but I think it's getting a lot better. Especially since we came in first last month and third this month (we won't mention coming in last the very first time we played!). We're getting to know each other's style of bidding. I'm actually enjoying playing with Connie MORE than my regular bridge partner of 25+ years. She's old and getting more and more crotchety!

Needing: more money! Who doesn't! The remodeling is going over budget. Good thing last year was a good year for investments! Butch has been a real trooper this time around. We haven't had a single disagreement.

Watching: Bates Motel (last season---soooo good); Big Little Lies (mini series based on the book); Sun Records, The Fall, and too many more to mention.

Creating: Planning on working in my scrapbook room today and tomorrow.

Bumming: that every time I turn around, there are more and more extra expenses: auto repair, pool pump replacement, security system repair and possible upgrade. Hence another need for more money!

Hearing: Local news and the crackling fire---love that.

Appreciating: My daughters who value my opinion! Maybe they don't always agree, but they keep asking!

Dreading: swimsuit season---which officially begins next week with my beach trip! 

Regretting: That I most likely will not be getting the marble countertop that I have my heart set on. I met Christy at the marble place where they have the "leftovers, scraps, remnants" whatever you call them. This is for the powder room, so I only need a small piece. I found the perfect thing. Then, "the guy" said it was already "on hold" for someone else. He said everything with a blue dot was on hold. I continued to look. After 30 minutes and looking at about a hundred (or more) and having the men with the machinery pull out two things for me to look at, I finally found another that I really loved. No blue dot, but "the guy" said it was also on hold. I was really starting to not like that guy. He asked me if I realized I had picked out the EXACT SAME PIECE of marble as the first one! The only difference was that the first one was shiny and this one wasn't. What are the odds of that? I looked at so many and chose two that turned out to be exactly the same. Just goes to show, I know EXACTLY what I want. Anyway, "the guy" said he'd check to see if whoever has the hold on those two would give them up. They wouldn't. I have picked out---actually, Christy picked it out--another piece that will work. I'll be okay with it, but will feel like I had to "settle." I don't like that. Christy is not giving up. She is trying to find what I really love. We can probably get it if I was willing to buy a whole sheet (if that's what you call it), but I'm not. It's just way too expensive. I have to remind myself of my personal mantra---"if I was meant to have it, I will." Keeping my fingers crossed.

Weekending: Butch has gone to the beach to check out our condos and do some minor maintenance to get them ready for the season. I'll just be hanging out and doing a LOT of reading. On the other hand, I really need to get this Halloween needlepoint finished. I'm not really enjoying it, so I need to just plow through it. I learned that I don't enjoy stitching holiday things outside of their particular holiday. I'm very disciplined and methodical. I start a project and finish it before moving on to the next thing. Oh well, I'll have a chance to catch up on all these shows I have going.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Personal Quiz

I just love these sort of things:
✍ Tattoos - none, but I was tempted to let my grandchildren choose one for me.
😷 Surgeries - not counting babies, 3--two toes an an ankle.
🏥Broken Bones - wrist (2), arm, foot (2), ankle
🔫 Shot a gun - yes, used to squirrel hunt as a teen with a boyfriend. Never got one.
😕 Quit a job -yes.
✈️ Flown on a plane - yes
🚙💨 Driven 100mph - never, I'd be way too scared!
🚁 Rode in a helicopter - no, but i want to.
⛑ Gone zip lining -yes---so much fun!
🍼 Watched someone give birth - no but I wish I had.
😯 Watched someone dying -yes-very emotional.
😇 Saved a life- no
🏈 Been to an NFL game - yes, but only for love!
🍁 Been to Canada - no
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance - no and hope I never have to.
🏦 Visited Washington D.C. - yes
🌞 Visited Florida - Yes
🗻 Visited Colorado - yes
🎉 Visited Mexico- yes
🎲 Visited Vegas - yes
Eaten alone at a restaurant - yes
🎤 Sang karaoke-Yes-with my bff while doing the locomotion!
🎿 Been downhill skiing - yes---one of my favorite experiences
🎼 Ability to read music - no
🚵 Rode a motorcycle - no
🏇 Rode a horse - yes
🏥 Stayed in a hospital - Yes-after childbirth
💉 Donated blood - Yes and platelets
🏕 Slept outside - yes, many campouts
🚗 Driven a stick shift - Yes, my first job depended on it.
🚓 Rode in a Police Car - never and I hope I never do.
😇 Grandkids - yes- 5
😎 Great Grandkids- Not yet
🚤 Driven a Boat -Yes
🐌 Eaten Escargot -Yes, before I realized they were slugs!
👽Seen a UFO- no
🚢 Been on a cruise- yes
⛽️ Run out of gas- yes
🍣 Eat Sushi - yes

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Few Layouts

I was scrapbooking with my friends a couple weeks ago. Here are a few of the layouts that I did.

 This is my AYM page for February.

 This is my AYM layout for March.
 This is my round robin page---we scrapbook each other's photos.